Scar therapy

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In most cases, scars heal spontaneously, without the need for specialist intervention. Sometimes, however, abnormalities do occur.

If there are complications in the healing process, scarring (keloids), hypertrophic scars or adhesions may develop. This is when the intervention of a physiotherapist or doctor is necessary.

Why is it worth it?

Appropriate scar therapy, preventing abnormalities in the healing process.

What do you need to know?


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PLN 150

Problem solved

Abnormalities in the healing process and preventing their occurrence.

How often repeat

2 times per week

Duration time

30-60 minutes


The use of various forms of therapy combined with each other makes it possible to treat scars effectively and reduce negative effects of their formation and presence on the body.

Natural and instant effects!
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The technique for working with the scar is tailored to the patient's case.

Softening, relaxing and improving trophicity of scarred tissues.

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