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Unwanted discolourations, erythema, seborrhea or acne are big problems for both men and women of different ages. Many treatments require a long convalescence period, which makes it difficult to make the decision to start treatment. In the case of Genesis, it is possible to deal with skin imperfections in a fast and simple way without being excluded from everyday activities.
The Genesis treatment involves heating the skin up to an appropriate temperature with the use of a suitable number of impulses per area. It is used to fight erythema, loss of skin firmness, discolourations, acne and seborrhea. An indisputed advantage is lack of post-treatment convalescence period and, consequently, it forms an excellent alternative for busy people.

Why is it worth it?

The treatment renders perfect results in the treatment of numerous skin conditions and, importantly, it does not require any convalescence period.

What do you need to know?

Problem solved

seborrhoea, oily skin, excessive sebum production, erythema

How often repeat

The treatment ought to be repeated at 2-week intervals, but the individual therapy process is determined by the doctor during consultation.

Duration time

App. 20 minutes


Depending on the problem, treatment results are visible after 2-3 sessions. The skin becomes firmer, has a more even tone without imperfections or shining.
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The treatment, which is performed without anaesthesia, involves heating up tissues by means of a laser beam. Erythema may persist for 30 minutes after the treatment, after which the patient may return to their regular activity.

photoprotection (application of SPF 50 sunscreens)

herpes, skin neoplasms, active infections in the treated area, pregnancy, breastfeeding

The treatment is not painful, it does require anaesthesia, and the patient only feels warmth.

Equalised skin tone, improved skin firmness and quality, reduced seborrhea

after a series of treatments, the result is long lasting, but it requires observation of post-treatment recommendations

erythema appears after the treatment, which is a natural reaction of the skin

the result is visible after 2-3 treatments; the effect depends on the condition

yes, a series of treatments must be performed, as recommended by the doctor

The Genesis treatment is an effective solution to many problems, without inconvenient convalescence.

Julia Sieczych, MD

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