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Kinesiotaping is a physiotherapeutic method supporting the convalescence process after plastic surgery procedures.
At the Clinic, we use kinesiotaping mainly in the therapy against swelling and accelerating the reduction of bruises. Thanks to the use of kinesiotaping, it is possible to reduce pain, have an anti-swelling effect and support the process of subcutaneous tissue regeneration.

Why is it worth it?

By using kinesiotaping patches, pain can be reduced, swelling can be prevented and the process of bruise reduction can be supported.

What do you need to know?


Whole body


PLN 150

Problem solved

after surgical procedures local pain haematomas pain syndromes swellings contusions disorders of muscles and ligaments

How often repeat

at intervals of 3-5 days

Duration time

app. 15 minutes
Natural and instant effects!
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Depending on the indication, an appropriate technique for applying the patches is chosen. The physiotherapist applies specially prepared tapes to the surface of the skin.

Lack of continuity of skin tissues within the taping area (open wounds), Scars that are not fully healed, Allergic reactions to the adhesive.


Reduction of swelling and bruising, improved functioning of the lymphatic system, relief of the muscular system, correction of muscle and joint functioning, reduction of pain,

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