Treatment of common psoriasis

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About 2% of the Polish population struggle with chronic plaque psoriasis [tytuł w kol. A dot. łuszczycy zwyczajnej]. In its course, red plaques covered with stratified silvery scales are observed, often covering large areas of the patient's skin. The lesions cause considerable discomfort both cosmetic and often accompanied by persistent itching.

If you suffer from psoriasis, which does not respond to standard treatment, you are invited to contact us - we offer you the possibility of free of charge treatment with an analogue of ustekinumab, which is a registered medicine and, most importantly, safe in the treatment of the above mentioned condition.
Eligibility for the trial

You may be eligible to participate in the trial if:

you are at least 18 years old,
you have had plaque psoriasis for at least 2 years,
you meet additional criteria that will be discussed with you at your first appointment with our doctor.

Treatment of psoriasis - participation in clinical trials

For those who qualify, we offer the following free of charge:

a new investigational drug, which is an analogue of a proven biological drug - ustekinumab, which is currently used successfully in the treatment of psoriasis
regular laboratory tests
care by our qualified medical team

Participation in the trial is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time.

You are welcome to make an appointment by emailing our coordinator: [email protected]
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