Other treatments and diagnostics

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Specialist consultation

- standard medical examination
- per rectum examination
- anaesthesia - lignocaine gel
- no specialist preparation required
- duration: app. 20 minutes

The procedure of incision of acute rectal plexus thrombosis under local anaesthesia in a surgery room.

- duration: app. 20 minutes


- removal of small rectal skin lesions
- removal of polyp type lesions
- taking biopsy specimens for histopathological examination
- performed under local anaesthesia in a surgery setting
- duration: app. 20 minutes

Rectoscopy - procedure under local anaesthesia in a surgery room

- enema required 2-3 times before the procedure
- duration: app. 20 minutes

Surgeries in operating theatre conditions with hospital observation - 2-24 hours

- surgical treatment of: hemorrhoids, anal fissure, pilonidal cyst - simple,
- large condylomas, large polyps,
- time at the operating theatre: app. 30-90 minutes, general anaesthesia, average hospitalisation: 16-24 hours
- hospitalisation time can be prolonged for medical reasons or upon the patient's request

Minor surgeries

- time at the operating theatre: 15-30 minutes
- local anaesthesia
- average 2 hours of observation at the Clinic
- sectoral hemorrhoidectomy
- cosmetic fold plasty
- medium: skin lesions, polyps, condylomas
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