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Powerful therapy based on the action of acids and active vitamin C, reducing discolourations and restoring a uniform skin colour. The treatment is enhanced with active chemiabrasion, which enables deeper penetration of active ingredients. An exceptionally rich composition of active substances shows strong brightening, but also antiaging and rejuvenating effects.

What do you need to know?

Problem solved

hyperpigmentation of various etiologies ( sun related, melasma, post-inflammatory) and high severity, resistant to elimination with other methods non-uniform skin tone smoker's skin, grey, dull skin with an uneven surface wrinkles, skin requiring immediate brightening, illumination and radiance

Duration time

1 hour 20 minutes
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The RESURFACING PH formula runs in 6 stages 1. Make-up removal and degreasing of the skin 2. Preparation of the skin for the actual resurfacing - the preparation is selected individually to match the patient's needs 3. Proper resurfacing (application of the appropriate peel) 4. Strengthening the effects by the activator with vitamin C booster 5. Calming and neutralisation of the skin by applying a suitable cream and choosing a mask. 6. Post-treatment skin protection with a SPF filter cream

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