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Power of vitamin C
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Intensive antiaging treatment with an immediate tightening and smoothing effect on the skin. Very intensive skin rejuvenation and reconstruction. Unique combination of active substances guarantees excellent results at any age.

Results: Rich acid complex: (AHA+ PHA+ keto acid) in combination with retinol and a PH-DVC complex guarantee a unique multidirectional antiaging effect:

smoothing, tightening and increased elasticity of the skin
repair of damaged and production of new collagen and elastin fibres = thickening, firming of the skin and reduction of wrinkles
3 intensity levels of the preparations allow to perfectly adjust strength of the treatment to the needs of the patient's skin - treatment personalisation.

Excellent therapeutic effects of pHenomen A.G.E. C+ treatment are enhanced by the use of vitamin C in its most active form of l-ascorbic acid: it intensively revitalises and brightens the skin, as well as stimulates deep revitalisation and reconstruction processes.

What do you need to know?

Problem solved

photoageing: grey, dull skin, uneven skin tone, sun damage, chronogenic ageing of varying severity: wrinkles, dehydration, flaccidity and loss of firmness, facial oval disorders, pigmentation changes

Duration time

45-60 minutes
Natural and instant effects!
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The RESURFACING PH formula runs in 6 stages 1. Make-up removal and degreasing of the skin 2. Preparation of the skin for the actual resurfacing - the preparation is selected individually to match the patient's needs 3. Proper resurfacing (application of the appropriate peel) 4. Strengthening the effects by the activator with vitamin C booster 5. Calming and neutralisation of the skin by applying a suitable cream and choosing a mask. 6. Post-treatment skin protection with a SPF filter cream

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