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Migraine is a headache usually characterised by one-sided onset, duration from 4 up to 72 hours, nausea, vomiting and hypersensitivity to light, noise or smells. Anyone who has experienced an attack of this disease at least once knows how unpleasant it is and how helpless one feels. Episodes with neurological symptoms are particularly dramatic. Then, there arises the question as to how migraine should be treated and whether it is possible at all.
Migraine treatment is recommended when headache attacks significantly worsen the quality of life, occur at least twice a month, do not subside under the influence of ad hoc treatment or coexist with a long-lasting or troublesome migraine aura. At Ambroziak Clinic, we treat migraine in an effective and fast way, so that patients do not have to worry about subsequent attacks of this disease for a long time.

Why is it worth it?

Migraine is an unpleasant condition, which significantly affects the quality of life and daily functioning. Recurring, long lasting and extremely intense headaches with accompanying symptoms usually prevent patients from undertaking their normal activity. According to recent studies and experience of practitioners, botulinum toxin can significantly reduce headaches and migraine related muscle tension. The botox migraine treatment involves determining which parts of the head muscles press, squeeze or otherwise irritate nerves responsible for the migraine. Botulinum toxin is injected into selected muscle parts, which are thus blocked and relaxed. Appropriate doses of the toxin injected into mimic muscles, whose contraction provokes migraine attacks, prevent their reoccurrence. Blockage of nerve endings lasts for 6-12 weeks, which means that the treatment effect is long lasting but not permanent.

What do you need to know?


forehead, temples, back of the neck, shoulders


from PLN 2000

Problem solved


How often repeat

App. every 6-12 weeks

Duration time

App. 20 minutes


The effect of botulinum toxin migraine treatment is to successful elimination of the bothersome migraine problem for 6-12 weeks. It is a very effective way to deal with the problem that makes the patient's daily life difficult and affects their work and social life.
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With a special needle, the doctor injects botox into respective mimic muscles. The treatment is painless and does not require anaesthesia. This is a very simple and non-invasive procedure.

The treatment takes approximately a quarter of an hour and does not require anaesthesia or any convalescence period - the patient can return to their normal activity immediately.

Breastfeeding or pregnancy, hypersensitivity to the botulinum toxin complex or any other ingredients of the medication, skin inflammation at the place of toxin administration.

No, migraine treatment with the use of botox is not painful.

significant alleviation of discomfort caused by migraine

6-12 weeks

The treatment should be repeated when the botox preparation is no longer effective, i.e. every 6-12 weeks.

Migraine is a condition which may ruin the patient's daily routine, influence their development and mental health. I consult numerous patients struggling with migraine for years, who do not hope anymore that there is still something that can be done. Once they decide to take botulinum toxin, their life changes diametrically. The method is non-invasive, simple and, above all, highly effective.

Bartłomiej Kwiek, Associate Professor

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