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Passing time, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, medical treatments, excessive sun exposure, pollution and irritants are problems that affect most women. The results - various imperfections - can be depressing and reduce self-esteem. The cause of these imperfections is lack of proper communication between cells in the skin. It changes the way melanin is produced, i.e. it changes skin pigmentation and leads to dark spots and an uneven skin tone. As a result, the skin loses the ability to reflect light and looks less radiant and youthful. The Diego Dalla Palma Whitelight treatment can help to address these issues.

Diego Dalla Palma Whitelight has a powerful antiaging effect, restoring radiance to the face and reducing dark spots. Skin tone becomes more even and the appearance more youthful and radiant, thanks to bio-revitalisation and regulation of melanin production. The treatment is further enhanced with a high dose of vitamin C.

Diego Dalla Palma and WHITELIGHT™ treatments restore radiance to every skin type through special, customised and personalised treatments.

Why is it worth it?

A series of extremely pleasant and relaxing treatments restores skin radiance and beautiful colour. It effectively eliminates all imperfections, refreshes and moisturises facial skin.

What do you need to know?


face, neck, decolletage

Problem solved

discolourations, uneven skin tone

How often repeat

A series of 5-6 treatments is recommended at interval of 2-3 weeks.

Duration time

App. 80 minutes


The Whitelight treatment brings perfect care to the skin whose problem is uneven colour or discolourations. Thanks to regular care, the skin regains radiance and beautiful colour.

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The Whitelight treatment is a beauty treatment with a brightening, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effect. It consists in applying to the skin - in the right order - preparations aimed at regulating the production of melanin. The treatment is accompanied by a pleasant massage. It is finished with an intensive brightening mask.

sun protection after the treatment (SPF 50), to enhance the treatments performed at the Clinic, proper home care is recommended

active herpes, allergy to product components, interrupted skin continuity, skin infections

Skin brightening, evening of skin tone, regulation of melanin production, anti-wrinkle action

results depend on skin condition and the problem

possible allergic reactions related to composition of the acids or plant extracts used in the treatment

already after the first treatment

Yes, a series of treatments ought to be performed for a lasting effect.

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