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Every cell in the human body is genetically programmed to age spontaneously. In the case of the skin, these processes can be accelerated by long-term, intensive and excessive exposure to sunlight. As a result of permanent exposure to UV rays, skin undergoes premature aging - photoaging. It becomes dry, wrinkled and inflexible and shows a markedly distorted distribution of pigment (melanin).
Contemporary medicine supports itself in this struggle with a number of devices available on the market. The DyeVL procedure from the Harmony XL platform deserves particular attention in this respect. This method of eliminating discolourations is based on the length of light well absorbed by melanin. Heating of cells containing the pigment (melanocytes) leads to their thermal destruction. Immediately after the treatment, the pigmented lesion darkens, is next gradually absorbed and disappears. This method gives great results in the treatment of freckles, spots or discolourations caused by the interaction of certain drugs and sunlight.

Why is it worth it?

DyeVL uses a series of three filters, focusing light in a narrower range. This technology allows for effective treatment of patients with pigmentary disorders as well as vascular lesions. Thanks to light emission in the range of 500 to 600 nm, the skin is minimally exposed to other light lengths, which allows for better treatment results within a shorter time. In addition, comfort during the treatment is increased by using a unique cooling tip connected directly to the treatment head. Effectiveness of treatments using the DyeVL head has been clinically proven. The treatments are completely safe for patients, effective, virtually painless and do not require a period of convalescence.

What do you need to know?


Face, neck, decolletage, back, hands


From PLN 600

Problem solved

Skin redness, photoaging

How often repeat

A series of 3-6 treatments at monthly intervals

Duration time

Different, depending on area of skin being treated


DyeVL is a safe and very effective way to eliminate skin erythema and all signs of photoaging. The treatment is a great preventive measure for shallowly vascularised, sensitive and erythema prone skin. It is also used in prevention and laser treatment of rosacea. The latest DyeVL head is the first narrowband pulsed light source. It has been recognised as the most advanced technology giving the results of dye lasers. It increases versatility, effectiveness and safety of IPL.
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The course of the treatment is as follows: Cleansing the skin Putting on the eye protector Start of the treatment (flash like impulse) - during the treatment, the patient may feel a burning sensation and warmth when the impulse is released The latest version of the device has a cooling system, which additionally reduces unpleasant sensations. Duration of the treatment varies depending on the area of skin being treated.

It is necessary to apply sun protection (SPF 50) for 4 weeks after the treatment. In the case of a strong pulse, the intended effect of the treatment is often browning and exfoliation of the epidermis in the first 3 days after the treatment; it is then necessary to carefully oil the skin and apply antiseptics.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, inflammatory conditions of the skin (herpes), tumours, epidermal discontinuity. Before undergoing a DyeVL treatment, you should wait a minimum of 10 days after aesthetic medicine treatments with hyaluronic acid or botox.

No, the DyeVL treatment from the Harmony XL platform is virtually painless.

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