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Discovery Pico laser treatments allow doctors eliminate many defects. Removal of tattoos, treatment of complicated hyperpigmentation spots - sun stains, inflammatory and hormonal hyperpigmentation (melasma).
With state of the art technology, the Discovery Pico laser requires much fewer treatments to achieve spectacular effects. It may also be used for non-invasive treatments in the area of skin revitalisation and rejuvenation with a very short convalescence period or completely without it.

Why is it worth it?

The super-short pulse technology used (450 picoseconds!) significantly reduces the heat effect in tissues. That is why most treatments performed with the picosecond laser do not require anaesthesia. The exceptions may be the first procedures involving removal of heavily pigmented tattoos and removal of stretch marks; in these cases, local anaesthesia is used. Absence of pain, quick or no convalescence and quick, spectacular results make the Discovery Pico laser a solution which patients of Ambroziak Clinic are always satisfied with.

What do you need to know?


Face and body


From PLN 600

Problem solved

Unwanted tattoos, hyperpigmentation

How often repeat

Depending on the application, in accordance with the therapy schedule.

Duration time

Depending on the area being treated


Results of the Discovery Pico laser therapy are relatively quick and really noticeable, but vary depending on the problem treated: Benign hyperpigmentation lesions - usually a single treatment is sufficient to achieve a permanent effect. Tattoo removal - Removal is permanent and no scarring is observed at the treatment site. Hormonal hyperpigmentation - Maintaining the effect in this indication is associated with the need for constant, effective sun protection. Scars and skin reconstruction - Reconstruction is permanent, depending on the indication, sometimes several series of treatments are recommended.
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A treatment with the Cutera Enlighten 3 laser consists of shots with the laser beam so as to cover the entire treatment area. Depending on the patient's problem, the dermatologist selects an appropriate power and the treatment tip dedicated to specific recommendations. As with any treatment, the patient wears eye protection goggles.

Protection against UV radiation for 4 weeks after the treatments. Application of soothing creams immediately after the treatment and for a fre more days. In patients prone to herpes, oral administration of acyclovir.

Contraindications include any skin infections in the place of laser operation; suntanned skin or last sunbathing during 2 weeks before the treatment; taking photosensitising medications; hypersensitivity to light

Most Discovery Pico laser treatments do not require anaesthesia. Those which do are preceded with local anaesthesia with a cream, thanks to which the treatments are not painful.

Depending on the problem being treated:

Benign hyperpigmentation lesions - usually a single treatment is sufficient to achieve a permanent effect. Tattoo removal - about 5 treatments. The green colour may require a higher number of treatments. Hormonal hyperpigmentation - 3-5 treatments render good results. Scars and skin reconstruction - first results of treatment with the Pico laser are noticeable a few weeks after the treatment.

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