You're beautiful
when you are yourself!

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The team of our Clinic closely monitors global aesthetic medicine trends and selects the most effective and safest treatments and procedures. Ambroziak Clinic offers a complete range of mutually complementary treatments from the areas of aesthetic and clinical dermatology, plastic and vascular surgery, phlebology, aesthetic gynaecology, laryngology, as well as physiotherapy and cosmetology.





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You are beautiful when you are yourself

Nothing makes a person more beautiful than faith in themselves.

At Ambroziak Clinic, we believe that this is precisely the objective of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery – to restore our Patients’ faith in themselves. In many cases, it is closely connected with what a person looks like. Therefore, whether the problem requires a minor procedure or extensive surgical intervention, it is our job to make the Patient feel well in their own body. We take care of our Patients’ health and make sure aesthetic procedures emphasise the most beautiful aspects of a person’s appearance.

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Places and atmosphere are created by people!

Each of us is unique. We have our passions, joys and dreams. On our website we present photos from our team's session. We show treatments and their effects. We present ourselves both as experts and specialists, but also as "ordinary - extraordinary" people.


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A team of outstanding experts!

For many years now we have been expanding the team of our experts from numerous fields of medicine, so that we are able to provide our Patients with comprehensive care. Selection of individuals with whom we want to create Ambroziak Clinic is of utmost importance to us. This is why our specialists are distinguished not only by high qualifications, but also by the fact that they are wonderful people whom we want to see every day. After all, the place is created by the People.

Klinika Ambroziak combines many specialisations for an even greater satisfaction of our Patients.

Klinika Ambroziak combines many specialisations to help Patients with different problems. Our team of specialist doctors cooperates closely to select the most suitable therapies and state of the art treatment to ensure a final result satisfactory both to the Patient and the doctor. 

Klinika Ambroziak combines the latest technologies and the best specialists for whom their work is a passion, from a broad range of fields of medicine including dermatology, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, gynaecology, laryngology, cosmetology, physiotherapy and many others. All that lets us provide our Patients with comprehensive care and make their dreams come true.

You are the most important for us! We are here for you!

Aesthetic medicine treatments allow you to look good at every moment of your life, and even better than your birth certificate would indicate.

Marcin Ambroziak, PhD
Thank you for your trust!
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First of all, thank you for the professional and human approach. From the very beginning, I felt very cared for. Before the procedure, doctor explained everything to me, what would happen, what the treatment process looks like and what effects I can expect. And the effects exceeded my wildest expectations! Again thank you very much!

Kasia Z.
* * * * *

A very professional approach to the patient begin with registration. Great clinic and lovely staff. Coming for the first time, I was afraid of what it would be like. In practice, it turned out nice and pleasant, and the effects turned out to be spectacular.

Martyna Kowalska
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