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What is the Intraceuticals Clarity anti-inflammatory treatment?

An anti-inflammatory treatment that reduces inflammation and impurities. Salicylic acid has a bacteriostatic and exfoliating effect, while bisabolol with ginger extract soothes and calms the skin. The treatment is designed for young skins with juvenile acne as well as for mature skins struggling with hormonal acne.

Intraceuticals also offers the Clarity Sensitive anti-inflammatory treatment version, which is designed for skins with impurities, but extremely sensitive ones, or those with rosacea.

Why is it worth it?

treatment dedicated to a specific problem, significant reduction of inflammations and accelerated skin healing

What do you need to know?



Problem solved

skin with impurities, with acne lesions

How often repeat

1 time per 10 days

Duration time

1 hour 40 minutes


cleansing and reduction of acne reduction of inflammation, soothing of irritation accelerated healing, reduction of acne scars balancing, normalising of sebum secretion and flow from sebaceous glands reduction of Propionibacterium acnes colonisation soothing and providing a base with antibacterial properties protection against future problems maintaining moisture balance
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The treatment proceeds in 4 steps: 1. Make-up removal 2. Peel - appropriate to the condition and needs of the skin 3. Oxygen infusion with a clarity ampoule 4. Care with gel and post-treatment Clarity cream

Application of proper home care



Soothing of inflammatory, acne changes on the skin. Better skin healing.

This depends on skin condition and proper home care



The skin purification effect is visible as soon as a few days later, while soothing of inflammations occurs immediately after the treatment.

the treatment ought to be repeated; preferably, a series of 6 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days should be performed

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